Welcome to this Website!

I've come to realize that we are more than we believe we are. So here I set the intention that we all can live and show our uniqueness and contribute to create a world we would really love to live in.

Are you living in alignment with your energy and who you really are? Find out more under the 'Human Design' section.

I believe the thoughts and energy we send out have an effect in our own reality and that we do somehow and on some level contribute to and create how our world appears to us now. Dr. Joe Dispenza states this in his book 'You are the Placebo' that our thoughts send out information to the universe and our feelings (vibration) attract that into our lives.

So I personally, would welcome more of this kind of energy and awareness in this world. Maybe it is already here, but I haven't noticed it yet... I'm on this journey called life too and thought that if I put out what I have come across along my journey so far, then maybe it will set some more things in motion....I'm open for life's adventure...how about you?

The information here is a reflection of my own thoughts and studies and should be easy to follow and understand - providing you with some ideas which you can follow up on yourself in more detail if needed. The information is focussed on self-help - and as far as I know not yet common knowledge. The information you find here will evolve as I progress on my journey. You can also have a look at the facebook page for other articles that I find interesting.

I decided to consolidate the most helpful information I've come across so far and make it available to you in the hope that it will help you further on your journey of growth and personal development. The topics are all things I'm interested in and have looked at myself to a certain depth, but not followed up on more. I'm sure you can find more in depth information through the internet, books or directly with the respective teachers if you feel the need for more information on a certain topic. I'm just a guiding 'signpost'.

My beliefs and the information provided here are based on the following ideas:

1) Everything is energy and vibration. 

2) There is something greater than us supporting and helping us (not based on any religion).

3) Our brain and conscious self-awareness plays a big role in our growth and healing.

4) We have a free will and only we can decide what and if there is something we want to change in
    ourselves - and of course we ourselves are the ones that have the power and ability to bring  
    about the change in ourselves.

5) Whatever YOU believe is true for YOU.

The products listed here are only available through direct marketing, except for the book which I have self-published and is available through online-bookstores and on order from local bookstores.

                                        Last but not least, thanks for visiting and remember

                                                   to have fun, enjoy life and just BE yourself,

                                                       as we humans are designed to be!